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Rolling hills and flat bottomlands help make agriculture the major industry in Metcalfe County. According to the latest Kentucky Agriculture Statistics, Metcalfe County has 1,088 farms totaling 137,334 acres. Of the total acreage, there are 33,374 acres of harvested cropland.

The major crops in the county are burley, tobacco, corn and hay. Some commercial vegetable crops are also grown. Metcalfe County ranks 34th in the state for burley production and 17th for alfalfa hay production.

Dairy and beef cattle are important farm enterprises as well. Metcalfe County ranks 12th in the state in milk production. Ample pasture-land supports sheep and horse operations also.

In recent years, attention has turned to new innovations in crop and livestock production. New technology such as float system tobacco plants and no-till pasture seeding has been adopted by farmers. These and other innovations have helped the county's farmers to become more efficient.

Metcalfe County's farmers are served through teh local ASCS, Soil Conservation and Cooperative Extension Service organizations. A livestock market operates in Edmonton and seasonal farmer's markets are held at Bowling Park. Several agribusinesses serve the county to providing the area with feed, seed, fetilizer and farm supplies.