Leadership Metcalfe County

About the Program

leadership Metcalfe 1999 2Metcalfe County, rich in heritage, tradition, and natural beauty, offers residents an array of services, entertainment, and opportunities for growth and fellowship. Growth is apparent on every corner of the Edmonton Square–the new city hall building, the new judicial building, the renovation and expansion of the library, and the almost-new chamber office and city office building. New tennis courts, upgraded ball fields, and the much-used walking trail at Bowling Park add to this community. The Edmonton Memorial Park and Pedigo Springs Park has increased recreational opportunities. Barnlot Theater is a wonderful asset to this community and we are indeed fortunate to have it in our midst.

Just think about the last 20 years and all the changes that have been made in this community: SEWS, SEWA, Carhartt, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Dairy Queen, Subway, Cee Bee, Dollar General Store expansion, Mexican & Chinese restaurants, Primary Care and Edmonton Family Physicians, for example. Can you envision the next 20 years?

Come, learn about the great wealth of natural resources, people, and organizations that make the quality of life in Metcalfe County second to none!

Leadership Metcalfe County is for the Metcalfe County Worker/Resident Who Wants to:

  • Learn more about Metcalfe County
  • Help to improve our quality of life
  • Evaluate the climate for doing business
  • Become more involved and informed
  • Work with a spirit of unity and cooperation toward the overall goal of preservation and progress

Why Leadership Metcalfe County?

  • Explore the history of Metcalfe County.
  • Agriculture in Metcalfe is big business. See our assets; hear our issues.
  • Metcalfe County has a wonderful school system. Learn what innovations are taking place and about preschool, private schools, and adult learning programs.
  • Who makes the laws? Who enforces them? Find out how it all works in Metcalfe County.
  • From birth to old age, Metcalfe County can meet your every need. Learn about the services available to feed the heart, mind, and soul.
  • Metcalfe County enjoys a diversified business and industrial base. Find out how that came to be and what is being done to make sure the buesiness climate remains strong.
  • With natural beauty and a rich heritage, Metcalfe County is a good location for visitors. Discover what we have to offer.
  • What does the future hold for Metcalfe County? Join us as we plan for the coming years.

Annual Sessions

September – Orientation
October – Agriculture & Environment
November – Education
January – Economic Development & Chamber
February – Government & Judicial
March – Health & Human Services
April – Tourism & Natural Resources
May – Graduation

Interested in Leadership Metcalfe County?

Complete the printable application and return it to the Chamber office.  Disregard the date at the bottom of this application. It should read Sept. 1, 2014!

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