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Leadership Metcalfe County

About the Program

Metcalfe County, rich in heritage, tradition, and natural beauty, offers residents an array of services, entertainment, and opportunities for growth and fellowship. Growth is apparent on every corner of the Edmonton Square: the new city hall building, the new judicial building, the renovation and expansion of the library, and the almost-new Chamber office and city office building. New tennis courts, upgraded ball fields, and the much-used walking trail at Bowling Park all add to this community. The Edmonton Memorial Park and Pedigo Springs Park has increased recreational opportunities. Barnlot Theater is a wonderful asset to this community and we are indeed fortunate to have it in our midst.

Just think about the last 30 years and all the changes and additions that have been made in this community: SEWS, SEWA, Carhartt, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Subway, IGA, Dollar General Store expansion, Mexican & Chinese restaurants, Primary Care and Edmonton Family Physicians, and new state-of-the-art educational facilities, for example. Can you envision the next 30 years?

Come, learn about the great wealth of natural resources, people, and organizations that make the quality of life in Metcalfe County second to none!

Who Should Participate?

Leadership Metcalfe County is for the Metcalfe County worker/resident who wants to:

Why Leadership Metcalfe County?

Annual Sessions

September: Orientation

October: Agriculture & Environment

November: Education

January: Economic Development & Chamber

February: Government & Judicial

March: Health & Human Services

April: Tourism & Natural Resources

May: Graduation

Interested in Participating?

If you're interested in participating in Leadership Metcalfe County, please print and complete the application, and mail it to or drop it off at the Chamber Office. There are a limited number of spots available each year, so don't wait to submit your application!

Leadership Metcalfe County Application

Leadership Metcalfe County Graduates

1999 Graduates

Sylvia Ahrens

Michael Ford

Cathy Nunn

Sue Atwell

Richard Froedge

William Reece

Lisa Boswell

Howard Garrett

Sue Romines

Debbie Smith

Gaye Shaw

Lu Carey

Patricia Hamilton

Dora Rowe

Jan Sparks

Linda Darvill

Sharon Howard

Mary Lee Sandidge

Mary Ann Forbes

Rita McMurtrey

Randy Sexton

2001 Graduates

Joan Creighton

Eric Eskridge

Fay Garrett

Rick Hope

Cora Emma Jessie

Tamara Martin

Elden Mason

Tommy Parke

Bennie Stephens

Harold Stilts

Michael Welsh

Joan Whitlow

Amy Wilson

Tootsie Wilson

2005 Graduates

Patty Bunch

Bro. Bob Burton

Jackie Copas

Kandis Gallagher

Sonny Hafling

June Huffman

Billy Karl

Jeri Lyle

Carolyn Parnell

Jamie Parke

Alicia Reed

Eric Sexton

Sylvia Spradlin

Beth Wilson

Delaney Wilson

2007 Graduates

Vicki Barnes

Lynn Blankenship

Kelli Brown

Judy Butler

Lillie Burton

Tommy Garrett

Joe Gerughty

Jude Chambers

Brenda Riley

Diane Stayte

Joellen Tubbs

Mike Vaught

Bobbie Wilson

Ella Lee Wilson

Judy Wright

2008 Graduates

Rick Barnes

Candi Bennett

Linda Crenshaw

John Ray Ford

Gary Garmon

Kim Gibson

Scott Grund

Shelly Grund

Rene Jessie

Teresa Jones

Lakettia O’Leary

Ben Ray

Patricia Ritter

Tammy Spurlock

David Smith

Becky Tucker

2010 Graduates

Cheryl Calendar

Gabe Calendar

Paul Cloyd

Amy Branstetter

Patricia Hurt

Danny Sallee

Terri Sallee

Steve Sasser

Richard Sears

Heather Shaw

Candace Shirley

Kim Shirley

Vickie Stephens

Ronnie Tucker

2015 Graduates

Kirby Acree

Judy Childers

Ken Childers

Michael Gill

Lorrie Gilpin

Pam Grubbs

Winston Harbison

Henry Herbert

Moe Hensley

Kaye Hope

Dr. Benny Lile

T J Morgan

Jackie Thompson Parker

Geneva Scroggy

Christi Wilson

2017 Graduates

Daniel Bragg

Justin Bruce

Susan Chambers

Kyle Hadley

Joey Hall

Emory Kidd

Cynthia McKinney

Marilyn Melloan

Charity Nunnally

Carol Perkins

Torrie Osbon

Kathy Powers

Kenny Scott

Tina South

Matt Shirley