Center, located at the extreme northern end of the county, according to Cyrus Edwards, one of the first neighborhoods settled south of the Green River.  According to a Kentucky land grant, Certificate #939, and Green County Land Entry #1026, William Ratliff received a patent for 200 acres of land on September 28, 1798.  The land was on the “west side of the Little Barren River and about one mile for pilot Knob on the west side of a large boiling spring.”  The land described was later the location of Center

    The first evidence of Joseph Philpot being in Barren county was on July 2, 1807, when he married Margaret Marshall.  The deeds recorded in the Barren County Courthouse, Philpot began to plan a town and sell lots  in this town he called Frederick for various businesses and homes until his death on April 10, 1860. 

    When the village prepared to apply for a post office in the 1830’s, it was discovered that Christian County already had a post office by this name so the changed it to Center (later Center) because it was an equal distance from the four main towns in Metcalfe.  The post office was established on November 14, 1838, with Samuel W. Thompson as postmaster.

    Mr. Philpot (1773-1860), a saddler by trade, built a number of business and homes according to Eugene Newman along the main street of town was also the road leading from Greensburg to Glasgow. 

    At the other end of town was a tavern.  The construction date is unknown but on February 17, 1851, David Philpot was issued a license to operate a tavern in his home in Lafayette.

    By 1860, there were several businesses in Center.  There were two shoe and boot makers, a blacksmith, a cabinet maker and a merchant.

    The first school at Center was that built by Joseph Philpot near his home.    Center had a graded school just like any other, but it wasn’t until April 28, 1919 that the Metcalfe County Board of Education made provisions for a high school.  The board meet again on April 7, 1920 and gave approval for a two year high school at Center.  On August 1, 1921 classes began.  Later the high school became a four year school.  The high school at Center closed in 1956, but continued a grading school until 1959.

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